How to Use AirDroid to Control Android Mobile from PC?

AirDroid is a PC-mobile solution that lets any Android user to connect their Android devices with their PCs in order to control their devices from the PC. They can entirely use their Android device from their PC and can perform all those functions that they perform in a normal way on their Android devices.

Either it is calling, texting messages, or notifications, everything is allowed through the AirDroid. In fact, it is a way for experiencing the Android features from the large screen of the PC. T

hey are allowed to control their Android devices by using the mouse and keyboard of the PC.

All this will be without having a USB cable as everything will be wirelessly on a Wi-Fi connection.

Here is the process of using AirDroid to control the Android handset from your PC.

Step 1: Move to the official website of AirDroid and create a new account or either log in via Facebook.

Step 2: Download and install the AirDroid. Also, install AirDroid on your Android device. For Android mobile, AirDroid is available at Google Play Store.

Step 3: After signing in to the account at AirDroid turn on the ‘Enable’ feature.

Step 4: Now check the AirDroid Notification Mirror Service.

Step 5: A confirmation dialog box showing “Allow AirDroid Notification Mirror Service”, press OK.

Step 6: Notification Access box will appear where AirDroid Notification Mirror Service and Android Wear will be already checked.

Step 7: In AirDroid app, a web address according to your PC setting will appear. Here is there is a Scan QR Code that you have to press after pasting that URL in your PC browser.

Step 8: After inserting the URL, you will be asked for to sign-in your account. Bring the camera on QR code on the PC screen and it will be automatically read by the camera to connect to the PC.

Step 9: The device is now connected.

Step 10: Your Android screen will appear on the web browser. Everything will appear on the screen.

Now you can fully control all functions and features of Android from the web browsers from the list of available features. All functions will appear on the screen that you can perform according to your own demand.

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